Career Horoscope Opportunities & Options to Succeed & Excel – in the Right Career

About the Program
Choosing a career path that is both, satisfying and financially rewarding can be a challenge. It’s no wonder that 85% of professionals are unengaged at their jobs. To have your vocation and passion, strengths or even interests to align takes a deliberate search into facets of your being below the proverbial iceberg. Your strengths and preferences which are influenced by heredity and upbringing have moulded you for a fitting job profile. You have the power to find these roles, or take steps to transform yourself to the career of your dreams.

Let our experts help you align prospective/lucrative careers with your strengths to achieve success and continued personal satisfaction.

'Who should attend'
Experienced Professionals seeking career satisfaction
College graduates seeking to take the right steps to make a bright career
Professionals in the mid life of their career seeking to make a switch

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